MERS Suspected a resident died in Medan

Medan (Analisa) A resident of Medan Simpang Lemonade died allegedly as a result of suspected Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus ( MERS - CoV ) .

The victim was referred to the department Haji Adam Malik . However , approximately 15:00 pm , the victim died. The victim reportedly returning from the holy land for Umrah pilgrimage .

Secretary of Health Office of Field drg Irma Suryani claimed , had not been informed about this . But he promised to lower the team to check into the location of the victim .

" Because these days the week , so we did not get . Tomorrow we will lower the team to the location and RS Adam Malik to make sure again . Because we need to contact the victim checks with colleagues when the umrah , "said Irma , Sunday ( 4/5 ) evening . Read more ...

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