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The difference between Speed ​​Class, UHS Speed ​​Class, and Speed ​​Ratings (performance) for SD / SDHC / SDXC on your Gadget

Almost all of the gadget (handphone, camera, ipad, digital voice recorder, etc) requires memory card. So, what is the difference between Speed Class and Speed Ratings? Speed Ratings is a measure of the maximum transfer rate for reading and writing data to and from memory cards, and expressed in units of megabytes per second (MB / s). As with the video, it does not require line of data is fixed, because the video format is "fixed stream" using only a fraction of the existing channels.

Unlike card write speeds that measure maximum performance, class ratings are measures that measure the minimum sustained speed required for recording a video to the card. Value class rating in accordance with the transfer rate measured in megabytes per second. Class 2 Card with spersifikasi designed to save the video to a minimum sustained transfer rate of 2 megabytes per second (MB / s), whereas class 10 cards, designed for a minimum sustained transfer rate of 10MB / s.

What a difference this mean for me?


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